Machine function

1.The machine is a integrated machine, so, you can easy to mout and adjust with simple meas. And the machine has higher feeding pile higher delivery pile, that be good at improes the efficiency of work. 
2.The speed of moving paper can be adjusted with the device of feeder, which improves the accuracy of the worked paper. 
3.The device of pile-up in advance and the feeding pile adjustable in minium are equipped,which be good at the efficiency of work.
4.Adjustable device of the front guids can be operated by touch screen at two positions of the machine, speedy and aceurate adjusting of the front guids with the modle of digital.
5.The pneumatic locking device is equpped at five positions of the frame, which improves the accurate and speedy of the frame locking.
6.The steel plate adops non-clearance registering structure, which improves the accuracy of the repeat registration.
7.The front-and-back registration of the gripper bars adds adjustabl device,convenient to adjust the precision of front guids.
8.The automatic pre-devilery device is equpped which improves the levle of automation, and make the pile in good order.
9.The automatic central lubricating system are equipped, which can be lubricated according to time and quantity.
10.The machine has an unique safety device, consist of a torque limiter, that can stop the machine automatic when an overload oceurs due to the machine or operatoe fault.

   Main technique parameter

Max.Paper size
1070¡Á740 Max.Dlecutting size (mm) £º 1060¡Á730
Min.Paper size(mm) 400¡Á360 Totalweight£º 15000KG
Certification CE Max.Pressure£º 3000KN
Max.Height of feeding plle 1500mm Max.Height of deilvery plle 1300mm
Max.Speed 8000s/h Overal dimarsion(LxWxH) 6480¡Á4070¡Á2770mm
Total power 16.82kw Sheet thckness Ö½°å0.1-1.5mmEÍßã¶Ö½¡Ü4mm


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